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Rescued off the track Thoroughbreds at Thoroughbreds Helping Thoroughbreds in Staunton Illinois
Rescued off the track Thoroughbreds at Thoroughbreds Helping Thoroughbreds in Staunton Illinois

The Thoroughbred racing industry requires a constant stream of young horses.  What happens to these beautiful, athletic animals after their racing careers are over?  What happens if a Thoroughbred shows no interest in being a race horse?  The answer is that right now there is a glut of these horses needing homes and that’s where Thoroughbreds Helping Thoroughbreds becomes involved.


Thoroughbreds Helping Thoroughbreds gives people in the market for a horse a reason to choose a Thoroughbred to buy, own, and show over any other breed of horse.  We create a market for Thoroughbred show horses by sponsoring high point awards at local horse shows for Thoroughbreds as evidenced by either a lip tattoo or Jockey Club papers.  The Champion Thoroughbred receives $50.00 cash, a trophy (hand painted by a local female ex-jockey) and a huge ribbon.  The Reserve Thoroughbred receives $10.00 cash and a huge ribbon.   We feel these awards make the Thoroughbred significantly more desirable to buyers looking for a show horse. Providing special venues for these horses to compete and their owners to win exceptional prizes, help to make the Thoroughbred the favored choice.  Thoroughbreds Helping Thoroughbreds believes this ensures Thoroughbreds easily find good, loving, and caring homes after their racing careers have ended.


We are an organization of race horse trainers, owners, grooms, racing fans, riding instructors, and individuals who have fallen in love with the Thoroughbred and more importantly, the Off Track Thoroughbred.  For ways you can become involved with Thoroughbreds Helping Thoroughbreds or more information on our Thoroughbreds Only Show or our Year End Awards presentation, find us on Facebook or contact John and Holly Steinmeyer at steinmyr@hughes.net.

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