Breed promotion

Illinois Quarterhorse Association

The purpose of IQHA shall be to promote the American Quarter Horse in the State of Illinois. To achieve this purpose IQHA: * shall promote interest in riding, breeding, raising, training, exhibiting and racing the American Quarter Horse, * shall organize, promote and sanction events and activities for Quarter Horses and their owners

Illini Arabian Horse Club Inc       

The Illini Arabian Horse Club was formed by a group of Arabian horse enthusiasts in the south central part of Illinois in 1978.  Some of our charter members continue their membership today.  The Club sponsors one Class A show annually in addition to bimonthly meetings at the homes of members.  Our Club represents its members’ wishes with delegates sent to Regional meetings as well as representation at the AHA annual convention.  Illini also has a High Point program with awards given out at our annual member banquet as well as an annual Adult Amateur award and a recreational rider program.

Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association

The Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the Arabian horse in the field of distance riding and the activities of endurance riding, competitive trail riding, and pleasure trail riding - activities in which the Arabian naturally excels.  AHDRA began in 1978 with a pool of people wanting to promote the Arabian in distance riding.  Since then we have expanded our membership nationwide, annually sent delegates to the Arabian Horse Association's Annual Convention, and sponsored numerous rides and year-end awards every year.