Breed promotion

Long Creek ApHC

Long Creek ApHC promotes the Appaloosa breed through horse shows and outreach.  We host one show the end of April held at Gordyville USA called GET SPOTTED. It features 192 classes! Our club loves giving back to its members with some awesome year end awards that are earned from points at cross approved regional shows. We cross approve all Illinois and Indiana appaloosa clubs plus the Illinois State Fair. To be eligible for awards you must be a current year club member and nominate your horse. 

Pinto Horse Association of Illinois

About PtHA A progressive Charter, the PtHA of IL offers a Multiple Judge show, informative publications, High Point Awards, and member marketing support through our Web site. We are a club with a strong emphasis on family values and to enrich members’ experiences with their horses. We create and maintain programs that increase the value of our members and our community.

Illinois Walking Horse Association

The Illinois Walking Horse Association is an organization dedicated to promote the Tennessee Walking Horse. Our membership welcomes all who are interested in the Tennessee Walking Horse. We sponsor activities to create enthusiasm for the breed and encourage participation of all ages and abililities of exhibitors. Annual activities include trailriding, horse shows, youth programs, versatility events, clinics, and much more. Our association is non-profit and supports the Shriner’s Children's Hospital of Illinois Transportation division and provides college scholarships annually.

Illinois Fox Trotter Association

The Illinois Fox Trotter Horse Association (IFTHA) is an affiliate of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association (MFTHBA). We are a non-profit organization dedicated to informing and educating the public to promote and perpetuate the Missouri Fox Trotter as a distinct breed and serving as a social vehicle for MFT enthusiasts throughout Illinois.