Central Illinois Saddle Club

Our club is most known for our open horse shows for all breeds and riders as well as Trailriding and clinics we have hosted. The clinics have been very educational & informative in order to help promote the local horse industry as well as educate not just our youth riders but all riders and non-riders as well.


The Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association was formed with the goal of promoting the sport of endurance and competitive riding and good horsemanship under the direction of qualified veterinarians. Furthermore, it was founded by a group of ride managers to standardize a set of rules for the various rides to reduce variation in the way rides were managed, to coordinate ride dates, to tally points, and to present year-end awards at an annual banquet. We host rides throughout the states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

ARAB, Inc (Arabian Riders and Breeders)

Established in 1970, Arabian Riders And Breeders, Inc. (ARAB, Inc.) is a club located in the heart of Region XI (Illinois, Missouri & Iowa) of the Arabian Horse Association. ARAB, Inc. currently has members all over the region, but our members tend to be focused in central Illinois. We offer a High Point Program for our members, as well as two rated Arabian horse shows, a trail ride, a youth team and a scholarship program.

White Squirrel Saddle Club

The purpose of the club is to promote interests in horses and riding among the youth and adults of the region. To educate members and non-members in horsemanship, care, conditioning, feeding, and training of animals. And, to encourage safety, etiquette, and the humane treatment of animals among members and non-members.

Lincoln Trail Riders

Lincoln Trail Riders is the oldest, longest running saddle club in Illinois promoting horse activities and horsemanship. We offer both Pleasure and Speed Shows on a regular basis from about April through September every year on Saturdays in O’Fallon Illinois. We also offer to our club members the opportunities to participate in public events like parades and club events like Trailriding and clinics.